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Social Impact

We run a community literacy center for children with  over 300 children regularly participating in  our programs. We also  build sustainable education communities by supporting their parents in starting and growing self-funded businesses.We have trained over a 100 parents, who currently have 6 active community driven businesses  that keep their children in school.

Kinyinya Model Community- Rwanda

We have trained over 400 women in Kinyinya in asset-based approaches who are running 60+ community-driven projects/businesses in response to poverty and education-related challenges.

No Jobs!Then What!-Youth unemployment in Burundi

In an effort to address the high rates of unemployment among young people in Burundi, we have partnered with various organizations to train youth to start asset-based businesses. With a current reach of 270 youth, over 20 plus asset-based have been created by young people.

Elie’s Children’s Corner Rwanda

We run a children's literacy center for children who have dropped out of school or did not have an opportunity to attend formal education. We reintegrate them into school and ensure they stay in school by training them to start asset-based businesses to support their education. Since 2015, We have been able to reach up to 400 children through our programs. 75 of them have been reintegrated back into school and 50 are currently under our scholarship program.

There's no better investment than to invest in a child's education and ensure that his/her community develops sustainable means of keeping him/her in school.